"Homemade" Allergy Remedies

Hover over each image to learn more about common, homemade remedies for allergy medicines, and preventative measures to avoid allergies entirely.

Neti Pot

A small teapot that can help you flush pollen out of your nasal passage. Neti Pots can also remove backed-up mucus and relieve sinus pressure.

Air Filter

Help filter pollen out of air indoors. Additionally, they remove dust and bacteria from the air, which can cause allergy-like symptoms.

Warm Showers

Showers help wash pollen stuck to your body. Take special care to wash & rinse your hair. Breathing the steam from warm showers can help ease congestion.

Regularly Clean Bedsheets

Pollen can stay in your bedsheets for weeks. It is necessary to necessary clean them to remove all these allergy-causing agents.

Shut Windows

Keep windows closed during your allergy season to prevent pollen from entering your home. Even if their are no trees nearby, pollen can be carried extremely far by wind.

Wear a Mask Outside

Aside from viruses, wearing masks can also help keep pollen out of your mouth and nose.